Widget Settings

Just like we edited the widgets on the web dashboard we need to do the same here.

Widget Title

The name of the widget that will appear on screen when using the app.

Title Alignment

The title can be left justified or centered.

Data Stream

This is important to get correct. Select the corresponding data stream for which data will flow to and from the device or Blynk cloud.

For Example:

Data stream Relay 1 (v0) is selected for button Relay 1 because we want control over relay 1 to be done via the button that is labeled as Relay 1.


Push: Value change happens when you push and hold the button. Then returns to its default value when you release it.

Switch: Value change happens when you tap the button and it sticks until you tap it again.


On: What do you want the label of the button to say when it is on? On? Active? A specific task?

Off: What do you want the label of the button to say when it is off? Off? Not Active?

Font Size

Changes the font size of the button label.


Choose the color that you want the button to be.

Do this for each button widget. Again be sure to select the correct data stream for each widget.

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